I’ve been an artist all my life and I still remember the moment I was first bitten by the art bug.  I was a little boy of maybe 5 years old and was sitting on my grandmother’s lap as she, an artist of some renoun in the Chicago area, was pencil sketching on a piece of scrap paper the dishes left on the table after breakfast.

While she chatted with my mom, I watched this incredible three-dimensional scene literally jump off the paper...I was simply amazed !  I’ve never forgotten that moment and from that point on, I knew that I also wanted to able to do that.

That same grandmother lavished upon me the incredible gift of an elaborate ( and perhaps fairly expensive ) art kit that contained all kinds of mediums, materials and instruction books with which to explore my emerging creativity. I spent countless hours working through all those lessons and I can still recall some of the wonderful illustrations in my mind’s eye.

Growing up in the wide open spaces of rural Nebraska, I came to appreciate magnificent skies and the quality of long, golden light from an early age.  I spent countless hours roaming the countryside with my dog, something I continue to do to this day.  And although I now instead roam the high wilderness backcountry of the Rocky Mountain West and the windswept red rock country of southern Utah ( with my dog ), my love of that golden, late-day light stays with me and continues to be a prominent theme in my work.

As largely a self-taught artist, I paint transparent watercolor and soft pastel landscapes in a somewhat Impressionistic style, along with more detailed representational wildlife art.  Whether painting in my studio, in my booth at fine art festivals or in plein air, I love to paint the beauty and serenity of wild places....but rather that simply render a scene, my wish is to bring the viewer closer to the actual feeling of being deeply immersed in nature.

From wide open vistas to more quiet & intimate spaces, capturing the emotion and essence of Nature is my passion and lifelong creative ambition....it has been a beautiful and rewarding journey.